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Tracking Website Performance With Google Analytics

May 4, 2015

Google Analytics is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for our search engine optimization (SEO) clients. Google Analytics helps us track how many people visit a website and what users do once they get to the site, including how long they stayed, if they made a purchase, what pages are most popular, and so much more.

We use Google Analytics reporting to give our SEO clients a breakdown of their traffic trends (overall and organic), top landing pages, e-commerce conversion rates, goal completions, and other key performance indicators to measure how our optimization efforts have made a difference in their online presence.

If you’re talking with a digital marketing firm and they don’t use Google Analytics (or any other tracking software), that is a major red flag. How can you measure return on investment or how updates to a website affect performance without data being reported? 

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is a seemingly never-ending stream of data. Page after page shows you more and different information. We break down those giant reports into easily digestible morsels of data that tell you exactly what you need to know.

sample overview report from Google Analytics


Want a quick snapshot of where your visitors are coming from? Google Analytics acquisition reports can show you whether more of your visitors are coming from organic search, social media, direct visitors, or from referrals. We can also judge which channel is the highest converting, by measuring purchases or leads broken down by each channel.

If an HVAC business finds that they are spending money each month on an email newsletter but seeing no conversions, they would benefit from moving their marketing budget to a higher converting channel. This can be shown with proper tagging in Google Analytics.

One of our SEO clients, after struggling to generate revenue from daily social media postings, email newsletters, and word of mouth, came to us to boost their organic site visibility, revenue, and traffic with SEO. Google Analytics reports that, over the last month alone, their revenue from Google searchers has improved by 291%:

We love this data! Not only does it support their strategy of using SEO to promote products and generate revenue online, but it also gives them further evidence that with just a few months of work, organic traffic can generate a lot of money for their business.

Ready To Track & Promote Success Online?

If you’re interested in tracking your website’s performance, and know that you could use some pointers and SEO help — give the digital marketing team at Digico a call. We can create a digital marketing strategy for you, using your existing Google Analytics profile.

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed, we will create your own profile and help you identify trends, successful sources, and develop strategies to push for more online leads for your business using the data reported in Google Analytics. Call us today at (843)732.3501.