Video Production Services

Digico Agency uses a unique combination of aerial drone and traditional footage to create original and beautiful videos that are sure to spark interest in your business, real estate listings, events, and more. We use high quality video equipment, lighting, and post-production editing software to ensure that your video is exactly what you want.

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Our video production services include aerial drone videography and traditional videography for documentary style videos, website videos, commercials, warehouse showcases, real estate videography, event videos, outdoor shots, and more.

Drone Video Production

Drone videos are the great new (and very trendy) options for videos. Drones can show a unique bird’s eye view of a house, warehouse, business, commercial property, campground, waterway, and so much more.

Watch our latest real estate drone video and see more real estate examples:

Traditional Video Production

We also specialize in traditional, interview/documentary-style videos. We’ve created a video for a local student who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Support this amazing young man at

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There are many benefits of using video in your marketing materials, especially online. Videos can boost your SEO, by giving search engines and users high quality, interesting content. Videos are also much more likely to hold a users attention, rather than just words or images alone. Videos are also easily shared across social media, and they garner much more organic reach than traditional postings after Facebook’s recent updates.

There are many more benefits to using videos in your marketing – but we think capturing your users’ attention, showing up in search, and increasing your reach are the most important.

Does your business need high quality video for your website, portfolio, commercials, event or an upcoming trade show? Give the expert video production team at Digico Agency in Charleston, South Carolina a call at 843-580-5059 or contact us online.