Real Estate Videography

For real estate agents and homeowners look to add something special to their listings, video is a great option. Our real estate videography, using a combination of drone and traditional video footage, can showcase a home’s unique perks, hideaways, and rooms in a way that photos may not show.

View our videos of stunning homes, properties, commercial showcases, and events all around Charleston, SC on our Vimeo page. View the examples of recent real estate projects below.

Real Estate Videography Examples

231 Delahow Street – Check out our video of this gorgeous home on Daniel Island. We used a combination of aerial drone footage and traditional video with top of the line video editing and after effects added for the best video experience for potential buyer:

38 Church Street, Downtown Charleston – We combined drone footage, photography, and traditional video to create a luxurious look at this South of Broad, historical home.

Our on staff videographer and drone pilot can help sell your home with beautiful bird’s eye views, compelling video evidence of a lived in but beautiful home, and a 360 degree look at any property.


For a selection of professional real estate photography done at these properties, visit our real estate photography blog post.

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real estate videography in charleston scWe use unique drone footage in combination with original and beautiful video shots to create a one-of-a-kind showcase that’s sure to spark buyer interest in real estate listings.

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